White Carbon Black Drying Equipment


White Carbon Black Dryer:

  The white carbon black is a white powder porous substance, and its composition can be expressed as SiO₂ • nH₂O. The drying is the important operation step in white carbon black production. The wet white carbon black contains much water, but the final water content in the product is required to be low. The wet white carbon black is inconvenient to convey, and the drying is difficult because the product is of light weight and small particle size. Our company started to supply white carbon black drying system equipment for tens of white carbon black manufacturers in China since the 90s in last century, so we has rich engineering experience.

Enterprise Application Cases:

  Fujian Taining Synthetic Ammonia Company

  Xingtai Kang Long Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Jiangsu Yangzhong Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., dozens of enterprises