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Liaoning Dongda Powder Co., Ltd. has 30 years of industry experience and is committed to product development and application in chemical, metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, building materials, and power industries. Our company has excellent scientific research groups, perfect experimental equipment, large-scale production and processing manufacturing base, specializing in powder engineering technology research and contract engineering projects.
Boron Powder Drying and Calcination Equipment

Our company cooperated with Liaoning Fengcheng Boron Powder Group to carry out a lot of tests and research on the active calcination of low-grade ferroboron ore, and developed the flash calcination new process through which the finished product activation rate after calcination is significantly higher than that of calcinated products by traditional rotary kiln. 

Molybdenum Oxide Drying and Calcination Equipment

The technical features of molybdenum concentrate calcination via internal combustion rotary kiln are that large output from a single piece/set of equipment, long service life of equipment, energy saving and convenience for environmental governance. The supporting equipment has a high mechanization level and can be automatically controlled.

Magnesite Calciner, Magnesite Dryer

The magnesite powder or the concentrate powder after flotation adopts the new technology and equipment of the flash swirl dynamic calciner to obtain high-grade light-burning active magnesia: the superior performance of this system and equipment is fully reflected in the heat treatment of the powder material ;It first uses the waste heat of calcination to quickly disperse, dry and dehydrate the original powder or wet powder to ≤1%, restore the original particle size, and then heat up the dry powder through the preheating section and then enter the flash swirl dynamic calciner, and the powder is in the kiln. The high-temperature swirling airflow disperses instantly.