Provide special supporting equipment and systems to meet various needs


High-paying technology enterprise with hundreds of core technologies and patent achievements,

The technical backbone of the R&D and design team is composed of industry experts and university scientific research teachers;

Committed to the research and development and innovation of new technologies in the fields of drying, calcination, environmental protection, and heat sources.


Make the technology and products you are engaged in better
Cryolite Calcination Equipment
Technical achievements and patentTypeIDescription:Introducti...
Light Burning Magnesium Drying and Calcination Equipment
Aluminum Oxide Drying and Calcination Equipment
Carbide Slag Drying Equipment
Description:Introduction to Carbide Slag (calcium hydroxide)...


Liaoning Dongda Powder has strong scientific research and manufacturing capabilities, and has 30 years of experience and strength in thermal technology and complete engineering construction.

In areas involving drying, calcination, heat source, organic waste disposal and other fields to undertake product development and design, product manufacturing, and provide special supporting equipment and systems to meet the needs of the majority of users.