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Sludge dryer

Sludge dryer product introduction: The system fan directly introduces the high temperature flue gas into the dryer, and the sludge is transported into the dryer by the screw feeder. Under the combined action of the dryer's dispersing mechanism, material guide plate, copying plate and other structural components, the wet material is continuously scattered, picked up and scattered, and fully contacted with the high-temperature flue gas, and the physical process of mass transfer and heat transfer occurs. , for dehydration and drying of materials. The material dried by the primary dryer is sent to the secondary dryer through the screw feeder, and the hot air enters the secondary dryer from the air outlet of the primary dryer through the pipeline, and continues to carry out further mass and heat transfer with the material. Dry to the target moisture content in the secondary dryer, and the products that meet the standard are discharged from the discharge port. The dry tail gas and materials discharged from the secondary dryer are separated and recovered by the dust collector, and the tail gas from the cyclone dust collector is sent to the water film dust collector through the system induced draft fan for washing and then discharged into the atmosphere.

Industrial waste salt Miscellaneous salt harmless disposal equipment

In the production process of organic and inorganic chemical products, a large amount of salt-containing waste water is produced, which is evaporated and concentrated to form solid crystals, and the crystalline salt contains a large amount of organic or inorganic impurities. Can not be used as industrial raw salt. Such as long-term stacking will occupy a lot of space, causing serious pollution and damage to the ecological environment.

Active Calcium Oxide Calcination Equipment

The active calcium oxide with good quality, fast reaction and complete slag is internationally widely used to replace the ordinary calcium oxide in metallurgy industry. The active calcium oxide, due to its features of small grain size, high porosity, small volume and density, large specific surface area, strong reaction, low impurities and even particle size etc, is also widely used in the high-end products in chemical and other industries.

Harmless disposal equipment for high-salt wastewater and salt-containing organic wastewater

The basic principle of using low-temperature carbonization method to treat chemical high-salt wastewater and organic wastewater.

Industrial sludge (or sludge) harmless disposal equipment

In the production and self-care of wastewater of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other enterprises, a large amount of organic waste or industrial sludge (or sludge) is usually generated. Because it contains harmful organic substances, it needs to be stored and treated in accordance with relevant regulations. For these Hazardous substances are generally disposed of harmlessly by incineration or high-temperature pyrolysis.

Activated carbon regeneration equipment

In the process of industrial production and waste gas and wastewater treatment, the waste activated carbon that has been used to achieve adsorption saturation and lose its efficacy can be reused through regeneration to achieve the purpose of resource disposal.