Cryolite Calcination Equipment

Technical achievements and patent


Introduction to Cryolite Drying and Calcination Process:

  The cryolite is a kind of complex compound, white, gray or yellow powder or crystalline particles. This product is mainly used as the auxiliary smelting agent in aluminum smelting, the agricultural pesticides, the fluxing agent and milk white agent for porcelain enamel and glaze. It is also used to make aluminum alloy and boiling steel as well as the ingredients for grinding wheel. In 1998, our company developed the first cryolite dynamic calcination process equipment in China for Henan Jiaozuo cryolite manufacturer (4,000 tons/year), and this equipment replaced the old calcination process. The dynamic calciner has the advantages of energy saving, without environmental pollution, high recover rate, small land covering area, high automation level, and can greatly improve production efficiency. Also, in the cryolite drying process, the flash evaporation dryer and double cyclone dryer combination drying system developed by our company also achieved satisfactory results.

Working Principle:

  The hot air generated from the fuel oil enters into the calciner, and is carried out the mixed heat transfer with the material in the calciner, upon the heating under hot air for a few seconds, it will fast decompose into cryolite, and the decomposed cryolite enters into silos via trap.

Performance Features:

  1. The decomposition temperature is even and fast to enable mass production.

  2. Without environmental pollution, small land covering area, convenient maintenance and operation, high automation level.

  3. Recovery> 99%

Technical Specifications:

  Within the series of models, annual output for single piece/set equipment is 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000 tons of cryolite

Typical Cases:

  1. Henan Jiaozuo Cryolite Factory: annual output of 4,000 tons of cryolite

  2. Baiyin Zhongtian Cryolite Drying Company (flash evaporation, double cyclone joint drying system), dozens of enterprises

nfo: Technical achievements and patent

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