Light Burning Magnesium Drying and Calcination Equipment


Introduction to Light Burning Magnesium Drying and Calcination Process:

  The traditional calcination method for magnesite calcination is carried out in the shaft kiln, and rotary kiln method is also used. Both shaft kiln and rotary kiln are to calcinate the lump ore with long calcination time and uneven calcination, which impacts the product activity and results in environmental pollution and resources waste. The application of dynamic calciner can solve the existing problems.

Product Introduction:

  It is a type of furnace in which the hot air is used to calcinate the powdered magnesite. It is mainly composed of the pre-heating dryer, heat exchanger, calcination-decomposition furnace, trap, heat source and so on. When entering into the calciner, the materials can be fast decomposed after a few seconds. It is the powered material that is under calcination in order to make the calcinated material even, and there is no raw calcination and over-calcination, so the calcination temperature can be accurately controlled.

Working Principle:

  The material or cake-shaped magnesite is fed into dryer or pre-heating via feeder, and take the residue hot air generated from the decomposition of magnesite by calcination-decomposition furnace as the heat source for the above drying, the dried magnesite is fed into calciner for calcination, and the decomposed magnesium oxide (light burning magnesium) is discharged from the dumping port.

Performance Features:

  1.The material is calcinated evenly and adequately to produce active magnesium oxide.

  2.There is no pollution in equipment and system, complying with environmental requirements.

  3.Energy consumption saves 20~30% as compared with the shaft kiln

  4. Convenient operation, high automation level.

Technical Specification:

  Within the series of model, the annual output for a single piece/set of equipment can be 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 150000 and 200000 tons.