Magnesium Oxide Calcination Equipment


Introduction to Magnesium Oxide Calciner:

  The magnesium carbonate generated from the chemical method is decomposed into magnesium oxide after calcination. One of the currently used calciners is shaft kiln, and the other is rotary kiln. The above method to produce magnesium oxide, particularly the shaft kiln method, it will not only waste the energy, but also result in environmental pollution, and the product quality is unstable. The data at all levels for the products generated from the application of dynamic calciner to calcinate magnesium oxide is significantly better than that of traditional methods.

Product Introduction:

  The dynamic calcination and drying combined furnace researched and manufactured by our company is the furnace which is specially used in the calcination and drying for magnesium carbonate. The magnesium carbonate filter cake generated from dehydration, after drying by the residue heat of calcination exhaust, the dried powdered material enters into the calciner to calcinate and decompose into magnesium oxide. The calcination and decomposition time is 3~4 seconds, and the calcination temperature is 800~900 ℃.

Working Principle:

  The exhaust which is generated from the material calcination in the dynamic calciner enters into Si De dryer, and the filter cake-shaped magnesium carbonate with moisture content from 70 to 80% is fed into the dryer, the powdered magnesium carbonate via break up and drying enters into the dynamic calciner, the hot air generated from coal, natural gas or gas enters into calciner to carry out mixed heat transfer with the magnesium carbonate in the calciner, upon the heating under hot air of 800~900 ℃, the magnesium carbonate, after fast decomposition for a few seconds, is decomposed into magnesium oxide, and the decomposed magnesium oxide enters into silos via trap.

Technical Specifications:

  Within the series of models, annual output for a single piece/set equipment is 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 tons of magnesium oxide.

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