Pyrolysis Furnace
Product Description

Pyrolysis furnace or thermal decomposition furnace is to decompose materials such as carbides, hydroxides or materials containing crystal water by heating to form new products.

yyxqjt.pngWorking principle       

Carbides and hydroxides such as magnesium carbonate, zinc carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide are heated to form magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, zinc oxide, etc.; dihydrate gypsum is heated to remove crystal water to form hemihydrate gypsum or anhydrous Gypsum; magnesium chloride hexahydrate can be decomposed into magnesium dihydrate and anhydrous magnesium, etc., and the above reactions are all achieved after heating.

yyxqjt.pngPerformance characteristics

The state of the material in the heating chamber determines the form of the heating furnace. Dynamic heating is a main heating method. The wet material (dry) or the dry material is directly mixed with the heating combustion gas and then thermally decomposed in the flow. The furnace types of this method are called dynamic decomposition furnace, swirl dynamic decomposition furnace and suspension dynamic decomposition furnace. , High degree of automation, significant energy saving, widely used in the processing of zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, nickel oxide, kaolin, anhydrite and other materials.

Pyrolysis furnace相关应用介绍
Pyrolysis furnace相关应用介绍