Rotary Calciner
Product Description

A rotary calciner is a rotary device that uses the heat of steam to dry/calcinate by indirect heat exchange.

yyxqjt.pngWorking principle

The rotary calciner is equipped with a steam heating tube in the drum. The heating tube runs through the entire dryer and is arranged in 1 to 3 circles in a concentric circle. The heat required for drying is provided by the steam heating tube. It is a heat conduction type drying equipment. The heating tube rotates with the cylinder wall, and the material entering the calciner is lifted and stirred by the heating tube in the rotating cylinder, and is dried/calcined by the heat provided by the heating tube, and the dried/calcined product is dried/calcined by means of The inclination of the machine moves from the higher end to the lower end, and discharges from the discharge port located at the lower end. The vaporized water is discharged under the action of the fan, or removed by natural ventilation. For organic solvents, a closed steam rotary/calciner can be used to recover the solvent. Use inert gas to recycle to prevent explosion.

yyxqjt.pngPerformance characteristics

1. Large heat transfer area and high thermal efficiency, the thermal efficiency is as high as 80%~90%.

2. Large processing capacity, suitable for continuous operation.

3. Low drying temperature, simple operation and convenient use.

4. The gas is only used as the carrier gas to take away the volatile components, the gas consumption is small, and the dust recovery equipment is simple.

5. The airtight performance of the airtight equipment is good, and it is very suitable for the recovery of organic solvents such as hexane.

yyxqjt.pngAdapt to the material

It can be used by industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units for drying, heat treatment and calcination of powdery and granular materials.

Appropriate Nanomaterials - Granular Materials - Bulk Materials

Chemical - metal - mining - plants are suitable



1631000877811255.pngEnterprise application case

Jiangsu Zhenqiu Molybdenum Concentrate Drying and Calcination

Gaozhou Kaolin Clay Drying and Calcining

Shanghai Yunxiang molybdenum oxide drying and calcination (45 flash 180 rotary kiln) and other dozens of enterprise applications

Rotary Calciner相关应用介绍
Rotary Calciner相关应用介绍