Waste salt carbonization pyrolysis furnace
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In the production process of organic and inorganic chemical products, a large amount of salt-containing waste water is produced, and solid crystals are formed after evaporation and concentration. The crystalline salt contains a large amount of organic or inorganic impurities. Can not be used as industrial raw salt. Such as long-term stacking will occupy a lot of space, causing serious pollution and damage to the ecological environment.

yyxqjt.pngBasic Principle of Waste Salt Carbonization Pyrolysis Furnace

At present, the treatment process of industrial waste salt recycling is generally adopted: one is chemical method, the other is high temperature pyrolysis method, chemical method is used for resource treatment, and its process route is long, investment is large, and production cost is high. The high-temperature pyrolysis method has the advantages of short process route, low production cost, low investment, and the process meets the requirements of environmental protection, which is in line with the current industrial direction of domestic industrial waste salt recovery and resource utilization.

The high-temperature pyrolysis method is used to use waste salt to produce industrial salt that meets the national standard. The process should be based on the amount of organic impurities in the industrial waste salt and the main components of the organic matter. Select the appropriate process.

In recent years, Liaoning Dongda Powder has carried out in-depth research and a lot of experimental work on the resource utilization of industrial waste salt, and has applied the Liaoning Dongda Powder Industrial Waste Salt Resource Treatment method in industrial applications, which has become the resource utilization of industrial waste salt. successful example.

Liaoning Dongda Powder Co., Ltd. treats industrial waste salt as a resource, and its main processes are divided into two types: low-content organic matter and high-content organic matter. The one-step process is used for the treatment of industrial waste salt with low organic matter. The resource treatment process of industrial waste salt is as follows: brine crystallization → dehydration → critical graded carbonization → decarbonization purification → finished industrial salt. In the process, the critical classification carbonization technology of Liaoning Dongda powder is realized by a special CC critical classification carbonization furnace (called CC carbonization furnace). The CC carbonization furnace is a special carbonization furnace for industrial waste salt. According to the different impurity content of industrial waste salt, different step temperatures are used to carbonize and crack the organic matter in the waste salt step by step, part of the organic matter is converted into gas, and part of the organic matter forms fixed carbon, and the volatile gas is treated at high temperature and rapidly cooled and then discharged into Atmosphere, the formed fixed carbon undergoes decarburization treatment, and finally the finished industrial salt is formed.

This industrial waste salt resource treatment method is an advanced process technology and equipment at present, and it is an advanced, practical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving process technology for the resource utilization of industrial waste salt.

Waste salt carbonization pyrolysis furnace相关应用介绍
Waste salt carbonization pyrolysis furnace相关应用介绍