Titanium Dioxide Dryer
Process introduction

Introduction of titanium dioxide drying process:

The production of titanium dioxide is a very fine chemical processing process, and the product quality requirements are high. Titanium dioxide has stable physical and chemical properties and has many excellent properties. Titanium dioxide is an indispensable raw material in various industries such as pigments, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, and metallurgy. According to the material characteristics of titanium dioxide, combined with our company's own intellectual property rights, we developed a special dryer for titanium dioxide, and in 2001, it was the first in China to successfully apply to the drying of rutile titanium dioxide. Our company can carry out special process design according to the characteristics of materials and related technical parameters.

yyxqjt.pngProduct description

According to the material characteristics of titanium dioxide, combined with our company's own intellectual property rights, the special dryer for titanium dioxide developed by Side can effectively solve some disadvantages of the previous general drying equipment, such as sticky materials and other disadvantages. It can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of equipment and improve the cost performance of equipment output, so as to maximize the utilization of enterprise benefits and costs.

yyxqjt.pngWorking principle

The heated gas output by the heater enters the dryer along the tangential direction through the cyclone at the bottom of the Sder dryer, and generates a high-speed swirling upward airflow. After the diaphragm press, the TiO2 filter cake enters the main machine through the screw feeder. Under the combined action of the high-speed swirling updraft and the agitator at the bottom of the main machine, the agglomerated materials are continuously broken, dispersed, boiled and dried by high-speed mass transfer and heat transfer. . The dry qualified materials are taken out by the air flow from the upper outlet of the dryer, and the dried products are obtained after trapping; the materials with too large particles or high humidity are blocked by the partial weir plate set in the upper part of the drying chamber and continue to be further dried in the drying chamber until It is carried out by the airflow, and the purified exhaust gas is drawn out by the high-pressure induced draft fan and evacuated.

1631001829978026.pngPerformance characteristics


1. Continuous production, the machine system is a high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment integrating drying, dispersing and grading.

2. Once the original particle size is reached, there is no need to grind again, and the product quality is stable.

3. Fully enclosed negative pressure operation, no dust leakage, product recovery rate is as high as 99.9%, and the working environment meets the national environmental protection requirements.

4. The automatic gas (natural gas, fuel oil) burner is used to fully burn the gas (natural gas, fuel oil) direct heating hot blast stove.

1631001829978026.pngTechnical Specifications

The annual output of sets within the range of series specifications: 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons, 80,000 tons, 120,000 tons.

yyxqjt.pngProcess flow


yyxqjt.pngTypical Case

Sichuan Lomon Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (4 sets of 185 specifications of Side dryers)

Henan Billions Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and other dozens of enterprise applications

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