Iron oxide magnetization roaster
Introduction of Iron Oxide Magnetization Roasting Furnace

Iron oxide is a ferric oxide mineral, which exists in iron oxide ore, red mud and other minerals or solid waste. In industry, if you want to enrich the grade of minerals, Fe2o3 is converted into Fe3o4 by magnetization, that is, iron tetroxide forms magnetic minerals, and then magnetization beneficiation is performed to form high-grade minerals.

yyxqjt.pngProcess characteristics of iron oxide magnetization roasting furnace 

At present, the main method of forming magnetization is magnetization roasting. The iron oxide powder is heated to a temperature above 600oC to realize a reduction reaction by CO or adding coal powder to form ferric oxide.

Our company has more than ten years of experience in the field of magnetization roasting. In the early days, the rotary floating roasting technology was used for roasting oolitic magnetite, and the high magnetic susceptibility effect was obtained and a patent was obtained.

At present, the roasting adopts a two-step roasting process. Coal powder is used as a reducing agent. After iron oxide is heated by swirl technology, it is mixed with a certain proportion of coal powder as a heat carrier. Then carry out magnetic separation to form high-grade magnetically-separable iron. This technology can be used for magnetization roasting of red mud and iron oxide minerals. It is an advanced technology for magnetization roasting.

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Iron oxide magnetization roaster相关产品介绍