Ferric phosphate calcination process
Introduction to application areas

Iron phosphate, also known as high iron phosphate, iron orthophosphate; mainly used in the manufacture of lithium iron phosphate battery materials, can also be used as a catalyst and the manufacture of ceramics, the color of high-purity iron phosphate dihydrate is nearly white or light yellow powder, with the crystallization The loss of water, the color gradually turns yellow, and the crystallization water is released by rotary kiln calcination and decomposition. Calcining furnace is a new type of calcining process introduced by our company. The characteristics of this furnace type:

(1) The calcination time is short, about 30 to 50 seconds.

(2) The calcination is uniform, sufficient and stable, and the product forms a large specific surface area.

(3) The production capacity is large, with a single production capacity of 1 to 20 tons/hour.

(4) It occupies a small area and reaches the level of automation and digital equipment control. The new calcination process technology will change the traditional calcination process and significantly improve the performance indicators of the product.

Ferric phosphate calcination process相关产品介绍
Ferric phosphate calcination process相关产品介绍