Sludge dryer
Sludge dryer product introduction

The system fan directly introduces the high-temperature flue gas into the dryer, and the sludge is transported into the dryer by the screw feeder. Under the combined action of the dryer's dispersing mechanism, material guide plate, copying plate and other structural components, the wet material is continuously scattered, picked up and scattered, and fully contacted with the high-temperature flue gas, and the physical process of mass transfer and heat transfer occurs. , for dehydration and drying of materials. The material dried by the primary dryer is sent to the secondary dryer through the screw feeder, and the hot air enters the secondary dryer from the air outlet of the primary dryer through the pipeline, and continues to carry out further mass and heat transfer with the material. Dry to the target moisture content in the secondary dryer, and the products that meet the standard are discharged from the discharge port. The dry tail gas and materials discharged from the secondary dryer are separated and recovered by the dust collector, and the tail gas from the cyclone dust collector is sent to the water film dust collector through the system induced draft fan for washing and then discharged into the atmosphere.

yyxqjt.pngFeatures of sludge dryer

The sludge material dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving dryer designed by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with the national conditions. It has complete specifications, reliable operation, high thermal efficiency, and its technology ranks at the leading domestic level.


1. Advanced technology and reliable performance

In this drying device, the wet material is rapidly crushed to increase the surface area and fully contact with the high temperature hot flue gas, forming a high temperature difference and rapid heat exchange. At the same time, due to the existence of the dispersing device, the movement of the crushed material in the high-temperature hot air is accelerated, and the material is evenly distributed within the effective area, which increases the heat exchange area and relative speed between the material and the hot air. The high-speed rotation of the dispersing device improves the air flow field and heat distribution in the dryer at the same time, both of which increase the evaporation intensity per unit volume. The dehydration and granulation process in the dryer is very violent and rapid. The dehydration intensity is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary drying equipment.

2. Good economy and low investment cost

The system adopts the direct feeding method of wet sludge, no need for any return material, and no need for mixers, elevators and other equipment required by general sludge drying systems; at the same time, drying and granulation are completed, and the wet sludge is completed at one time in the dryer. During the drying and granulation process, the moisture content of the product is uniform and stable. At the same time, the system does not need to be equipped with the steam or heat transfer oil required by the general drying system to provide heat, and does not require facilities such as boilers and boiler rooms. The saving of system floor space and auxiliary equipment investment greatly reduces the investment cost.

3. Strong adaptability - suitable for semi-drying and full-drying disposal of sludge

The sludge direct dryer has a large room for operation and adjustment, and can adapt to different types of sludge drying. Even if the feed moisture fluctuates, the system can still ensure stable operation. The sludge drying system adopts the "no return" technology. The fresh sludge with water content of 80-85% does not need to be mixed with any dry sludge, and can be directly pushed into the special sludge dryer by the feeder for drying. The corresponding semi-dried sludge product with a water content of 30-45% can also be matched with a corresponding system to directly obtain a fully-dried sludge product with a water content of 10-12%, which is used for the next step of sludge incineration treatment. landfill or sludge fertilizer, effectively realize the reduction and resource utilization of sludge.

4. Clean and environmentally friendly, no secondary pollution

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Sludge dryer相关产品介绍
Sludge dryer相关产品介绍