Rotary Rake boiling bed Dryer
Product Description

Rotary rake boiling bed is a new style dryer that integrates rotating rake with boiling bed.It is applied to bar,leaf,lump materials drying.After materials are sent into the bed,they contact with hot air which is through arc fluidized bed and turns into boiling fluidization.Rotary rake stirs continuously along the arc fluidized bed to prevent materials from bridging and to keep drying proceeding.Dried materials are discharged from discharge outlet.

yyxqjt.pngMain technical features

Suitable for large amount of production of light materials drying ,high drying strength,uniform material drying.

  Adiustable drying duration .Drying can be performed in low temperature to prevent materials from heat-sensitive polychrome.

  Applicable to high humidity material and irregular drying.

  Typical material examples:

  ginkgo leaf ,alfalfa,wood slice,food seasoning etc.

  Rotary rake boiling bed drier.

Rotary Rake boiling bed drier相关应用介绍
Rotary Rake boiling bed drier相关应用介绍