Fluid bed Dryer
Product Description

Vibration fluidization is a novel technology developed on the basis of static fluidized bed.It integrates vibration fluidization with drying,thus has developed into vibration fluidization drying technology. Our company has many years’experiences on the aspect of vibration fluidize drying technology,continuously to perfect and develop the vibration fluidized drying technology,adopts different fluidize methods and system matching structure to the drying of different products.Compound vibration fluidized bed drier adopts new model of fluidized bed structure that has obtained national patent,which has overcame the shortcoming of easy to leave materials and easy to return charge of common vibration fluidized bed,and developed the technology of vibration fluidize to a further step.


yyxqjt.pngWorking principle

Materials are sent into the dryer from the feed inlet,then contact with hot air which enters through fluidized bed distributor and get fluidized.Under the action of vibration force,they are thrown up and move continuously forward.The dried products are discharged from feed outlet.During the process of fluidization and drying,the materials which fall upon the tilted guide plate from the eyelet of the distributor,as are thrown up and move forward continuously to outlet.Such structure prevents the appearance of product leak age and loss.

yyxqjt.pngTechnical features

INo product leakage and loss.Output is increased 30% in comparison with ordinary fluidized bed.

IUniform material fluidization,few damages to granules;Drying and cooling can proceed on the same bed.

Convenient operation,low noise,good seal,no environmental pollution.


yyxqjt.pngThe basic configuration of the system

Vibration fluidized bed drying system mainly consists of vibration fluidized bed ,air heater,and tail gas retrieve device.Main data of vibration fluidize bed are fluidize bed area and drying intensity.Within series model the fluidize bed area is 0.9-18m2 drying intensity is between 20-1200kgH2 0/h,material drying duration is 3-120 minutes.Fluidized bed and tank can be divided into whole and separate type .Separate type is mainly applied to large fluidized bed to reduce the consumption of vibration power,and the temperature of fluidized bed may range form 15℃ to 600℃.

Fluidized Bed.It integrates vibration flui相关应用介绍
Fluidized Bed.It integrates vibration flui相关应用介绍