Spin Flash Dryer
Product Description

Flash drying is a drying method for solid fluidization.The dryer is capable of mechanical dispersion and adiusting the granule size of materials,high humidity paste type.After the filtercake type materials enter the dryer,they mix with the heated hot air,under the action of hot air and mechanical dispersion force they appear granular fluidization and instantaneously finish heat and mass exchange.The dried materials are taken in the collector as powder products.

yyxqjt.pngSKSZ Spin Flash Drier

  Drying technology of filter cake and paste type materials is Chinas only new products that received national

  award item of China torch program

  The performance and features of flash drying

  Instantaneous drying,drying duration 1~5 seconds,product without over-heated,uniform quality,good fluidity.

  Closed system,without cross-contamination,yield>99%.

  Heat source adopts hot-blast furnace,steam,electricity,flue gas ;fueled by coal,gas and liquid;direct and indirect combustion;hot air temperature 90~600.

  High thermal effocoency,high evaporation capacity,heat consumption 1100-1200Kcal/kgH2o,series products evaporation capacity 90~3200kgH2o/h(inngle set);

  Applicable to high humidity material drying such as filter cake,paste etc,materials water content can reach above 85%,that after drying less than 0.5%.

  Small floor space,few man power,low running cost on complete equipment.

yyxqjt.pngDrying technology process description

Flash drying system mainly consists of heat source,feeding device,main drying machine,and material collector.humidity materials enter flash feeding device(2),and be put into drying room (3)to become dry powder instantly,under the effect of mechanical separation sheets (7)and hot air that was heated by heater (1),then enter collector (4)and be collected after classified by step ring (6),collected materials will be discharged through discharge port (8),tail wind will be discharged to the outside by induced-draft fan (5).

The Choice of drier system

According to the physical property of materials to be dried,mainly consider dry productsdrying atmosphere,heat sensitivity,dispersibility ,to choose matching drying method.For most products,the basic configuration of flash drying could suit the requirement of produce technology,matching methods could refer to drawing of system configuration choose.


Heating methods and configuration

Heater is the device that supply heat source to flash drying ,whose air heating methods are steam heat exchange or steam and electrical heating(c),hot air furnace indirect heating(a),gas direct heating(b),It adopts coal,oil,gas as fuel,and the temperature of input air may range from 100 to 600°C.

Feeding device

Feeding device continuously feed materials at different humidity and viscosity into drier .The design of feeding device structure is according to different physical properties.

Main drying machine(Drying room)

The structure of main drying machine is rotundity ,and there are mechanical separation sheets in drying room as well as annular gap in its bottom .The shape and annular gap of drying room bottom can adjusted according to the change of materials that to be dried .The diameter of drying room may change from 250mm to 2750mm,The temperature of drying room may as high as 600°C.

Materials collector

  Materials that have been dried in drying room enter collector and be collected .The choices and configuration of collector are closely related to the density,granularity ,adhesive capacity of dried powder ,The choices of collector is always in a1,b1,c1 forms,materials should be choose out of the aspects of antisepsis and heat-resistant.

Different system configuration methods that meet the technology should be adopted such as inert gases protection,heat sensitivity ,static resistance ,which need to be dried,if there are special physical properties and special technology required materials.

Closed cycle system

  There are inert gas (usually is nitrogen )cycle in the system in order to process materials that contain volatile matter or could not contact oxygen when drying,the vaporized volatile are retrieved in condensator ,The addition of inert gas is determined by pressure change and oxygen content in the system.

The choice of drier parameters

  The output of drier is mainly related to heating temperature .Refer to the relations in the table .The productivity of direr within series models range from several kilograms to several tons,marked in product series table ,the main parameter of drier are in/out temperature and drying rooms velocity of flow.The choices of these parameters should be determined by product physical property,water content ,density ,granularity,also should be tested in laboratory ,hence make reasonable choices


yyxqjt.pngThe application of drier

Flash drying is applicable to dry various of materials ,and applied in different material drying area Application areas and sample ysages are as below:


Typical material usage of flash drying :(Date above is only applicable to corresponding model and temperature.Raising drying temperature can help to increase the output.)

yyxqjt.pngLiquid materials drying technology

  Except for traditional application,the centrifugal spray direr,pressure spray drier,low pressure spray granulation drier can also be applied to spray crystallize,spray condense,spray disintegration and other technology process.

Spin Flash Dryer相关应用介绍
Spin Flash Dryer相关应用介绍