Fluidized Calciner
Product Description

Fluidized calcination is the use of high-temperature hot gas to make the material in the fluidized bed fluidized, and the material is calcined in a continuous fluidized state.

yyxqjt.pngWorking Principle

The fluidized fluidized bed is composed of a closed box, mainly composed of a fluidized chamber, a fluidized orifice, a high-temperature air chamber, and a base. The materials of the fluidized chamber and each part are selected according to different temperatures and physical properties of the calcined material. After the material enters the fluidization chamber, it is moved by high-temperature air, and the material produces a fluidization effect. After continuous fluidization, it is discharged from the discharge port after the material calcination process requirements are completed.

yyxqjt.pngAdapt To The Material

Pyrite desulfurization roasting, phosphate roasting, coal activation, mineral roasting

Carbide metal oxidation, high temperature roasting and decomposition of chemical products.

Municipal industrial waste incineration.

yyxqjt.pngSchematic Diagram Of Fluidized Roasting



yyxqjt.pngPerformance Characteristics

Intermittent or continuous operation, the material is heated uniformly.

Material temperature control is accurate

The system is closed and pollution-free

Maximum operating temperature 1000℃

The calcining hot air is direct or indirect heat exchange air, and the indirect heat exchange air temperature is >750℃.

Fuel is gas, liquid or coal-fired

Fluidized Calciner相关应用介绍
Fluidized Calciner相关应用介绍