Tubular High-temperature Hot Air Furnace
Product Description

A tubular high-temperature hot air furnace is furnished with multiple linear tube bundles.Jet flow tubes made of heat-proof steel are adopted as the heat exchange structure in the high-temperature zone where these tubes contact with the flue gas; while in the middle temperature zone, popular tube bundles are introduced. in order to lower the temperature of the flue gas, a heat-tube heat exchanger may be fixed behind the main heat exchanger. The hot air output temperature could be up to 650℃ Via appropriate adjustment in the tube bank material and/or structure.

yyxqjt.pngTubular High-temperature Hot Air FurnaceIntroduction

With the stated heat source temperature,the output temperature of high -temperature hot air furnace varies varies from 350 to 550℃,and hot air furnaces structurally fall into 2(two)categories:tubular or jet flow cylindrical.


The hot flue gas out of the hot air furnace (1)/direct air heatingcoal-fueled or gas -fueled/enters into the tubular heat exchanger (2)and goes through every pass,of the tube bank before emitted;meanwhile.the air enter into tube bank,stepwise heated there,and give out of the air vent at last.

Thermal output , (60-600)×104Kcal/h

Hot sources supporting drying or calcinating devices

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Tubular High-temperature Hot Air Furnace相关应用介绍