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Liaoning Dongda Powder Co., Ltd. has 30 years of industry experience and is committed to product development and application in chemical, metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, building materials, and power industries. Our company has excellent scientific research groups, perfect experimental equipment, large-scale production and processing manufacturing base, specializing in powder engineering technology research and contract engineering projects.
Magnesium Chloride Pyrolysis Process

The production of magnesium oxide by pyrolysis of magnesium chloride can be directly decomposed from magnesium chloride into magnesium oxide by one-step and two-step processes, and the formed hydrogen chloride mixed gas can be absorbed to produce acid. %, the detailed process can be communicated with our company offline.

Zinc Oxide Drying and Calcination Equipment

The current zinc oxide products are mainly active zinc oxide, high purity zinc oxide and nanometer zinc oxide. The dynamic zinc oxide drying and calcination equipment developed by our company is the most advanced process equipment and technology.

Titanium Dioxide Dryer

Introduction of titanium dioxide drying process: titanium dioxide production is a very fine chemical processing process, and the product quality requirements are high. Titanium dioxide has stable physical and chemical properties and has many excellent properties. Titanium dioxide is an indispensable raw material in various industries such as pigments, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, and metallurgy.

Magnesium Oxide Drying Calciner

The magnesium carbonate produced by the chemical method is decomposed into magnesium oxide after calcination. One of the calcining furnaces currently used is a shaft kiln and the other is a rotary kiln. The production of magnesium oxide by the above method, especially the production of magnesium oxide by the shaft kiln method, not only wastes energy, but also causes environmental pollution, and the product quality is unstable. The dynamic calciner is used to calcine magnesia, and the indicators of the formed products at all levels are obviously better than those of the traditional method.

White Carbon Black Drying Equipment

The white carbon black is a white powder porous substance, and its composition can be expressed as SiO2 • nH2O. The drying is the important operation step in white carbon black production. The wet white carbon black contains much water, but the final water content in the product is required to be low. The wet white carbon black is inconvenient to convey, and the drying is difficult because the product is of light weight and small particle size. Our company started to supply white carbon black drying system equipment for tens of white carbon black manufacturers in China since the 90s in last century, so we has rich engineering experience.

Aluminum Oxide Drying and Calcination Equipment

It is a gradually matured process technology to calcinate aluminum hydroxide into aluminum oxide via dynamic calciner. It has been applied in the large-scale aluminum industry companies in China, and it is replacing the traditional rotary kiln calcination method.